Graduate School


Love in truth and in deed, inventional medical skill

The objectives of medical education at the Department of Medicine are to develop and produce physicians who are capable in the filed of primary healthcare and well developed in ethics and intellectual character. Master's and doctorate programs give an opportunity to work on high technology in the field of Medicine and further help the graduates research on specialized medial treatments on fatal diseases as well as national heath in the end. They strive for the promotion of heath of mankind by exchanging medical research achievements both nationally and internationally.

Medical Science

The objectives of medical education at the Department of Medicine are to develop and produce physicians who are capable in the filed of primary healthcare and well developed in ethics and intellectual character

Faculties of This table shows information of faculties of such as position, major, and contact.
Faculty Position Major Contact
Kim, Joo Young Professor Anatomy

Sung, Eon Gi Professor Anatomy

Song, In-Hwan Professor Mesenchymal stem cell

Tae-Jin Lee Professor tumor cell biology

Kim, Yong Woon Professor Physiology

Kim, Jong Yeon Professor Physiology

Kyung-oh Doh Professor physiology

Park, So-young Professor Physiology

- -
Kim, Hee Sun Professor Microbiology

Park, Ho Sun Professor Microbiology (Virology)

Lee, Tae Yun Professor Molecular Microbiology

Daewon Jeong Professor Molecular Biology


Sakong Joon Professor Preventive Medicine

Lee, Kyeong-Soo Professor Preventive Medicine and Public Health(Helath Policy and Management)

Hwang Tae Yoon Professor Health policy and management

PARK CHULYONG Assistant Professor -
Gu Mi Jin Professor -

Bae, Young Kyung Professor Pathology

Joon Hyuk Choi Professor Pathology

JANG MIN HYE Associate Professor -
HEE JUNG KWON Assistant Professor -
김민종 Assistant Professor -
Kang Young Jin Professor Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Woo, Chang Hoon Professor biotechnology

Choi, Hyoung Chul Professor Pharmacology

CHO DU-HYONG Associate Professor Cerebrocardiovascular Pharmacology

KIM KYEONGOK Professor internal medicine

Min Kyoung Kim Professor -

KIM UNG Professor -

Do, Jun Young Professor Internal Medicine

MOON, JUN SUNG Professor Endocrinology and Metabolism; Diabetes; islet biology

PARK, JONG SEON Professor Internal Medicine

Park Jong-Won Professor Internal Medicine

Kyeong-cheol Shin Professor Pulmonology and Allergy

Won, Kyu Chang Professor Internal Medicine

Yoon,ji sung Professor Internal Medicine

Lee, Kyung Hee Professor Internal Medicine

Lee Si Hyung Professor -

Jang Byung Ik Professor Internal Medicine

Cho Kyu Hyang Professor Division of Nephrology, Department of Internal Medicine

Hur Ji-an Professor -

Hong Young Hoon Professor Internal Medicine

KANG MIN KYU Associate Professor -

Kang Seok Hui Associate Professor -

KOH SUNG AE Associate Professor Oncology

Sung Bum Kim Associate Professor Pancreatobiliary

KIM HYUN-JE Associate Professor Internal Medicine, Rheumatology

Nam Jong-Ho Associate Professor -

PARK JUNGGIL Associate Professor Hepatology

Son Jangwon Associate Professor Division of cardiology, department of Internal medicine

AHN JUNE HONG Associate Professor -

LEE CHANHEE Associate Professor -

CHO JOON HYUN Associate Professor -

JIN HYUN JUNG Associate Professor -
KIM MIN CHEOL Assistant Professor -
김아영 Assistant Professor -
Hong-Ju Kim Assistant Professor -

박영섭 Assistant Professor -

박종일 Assistant Professor -
BAE SANG WOON Assistant Professor -

Lim Ki Young Assistant Professor -

Jang Jong Geol Assistant Professor -
정승민 Assistant Professor -
JUNG JI YOON Assistant Professor hemato-oncology, internal medicine

최강운 Assistant Professor -
홍경수 Assistant Professor -
Kang Soo Hwan Professor Surgery

Kim, Sang Woon Professor Surgery

Bae Jung Min Professor -

Yun, Sung Su Professor Surgery

Lee Nam-Hyuk Professor Surgery

Kim, Sohyun Associate Professor -

노영남 Associate Professor -
Cho Chan Woo Associate Professor -

Choi Jung Eun Associate Professor -

KANG SUNG IL Assistant Professor Surgery
KANG, JINGU Assistant Professor -
김초신 Assistant Professor -
Park Yong Eun Assistant Professor -
Park Chul Hyun Professor Orthopaedics

Shon, Oog-Jin Professor Orthopedic Surgery

Shin, Duk Seop Professor Orthopedic Surgery

SAM-GUK PARK Associate Professor orthopaedic surgery

Lee Gun Woo Associate Professor Orthopaedic Surgery, Spine

Kim, Gi Beom Assistant Professor Orthopaedic surgery, Knee
PARK WOOK TAE Assistant Professor orthopedics

손휘승 Assistant Professor -
심범진 Assistant Professor -
- -
Kim Sang Woo Professor Neurosurgery

Kim, Seong Ho Professor Neurosurgery

Chul Hoon Chang Professor Neurosurgery

Jonghoon Kim Associate Professor Division of Microvascular & Endovascular Neurosurgery


Ikchan Jeon Associate Professor Neurosurgery

Jung Young Jin Associate Professor -
박소희 Assistant Professor -

Seo Youngbeom Assistant Professor Neurosurgery

YU DONG WOO Assistant Professor neurosurgery

Yong Ha Kim Professor Plastic Surgery

Kim Tae Gon Professor plastic surgery

LEE JUN HO Professor Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Il-Kug Kim Associate Professor -
Chung Kyu Jin Associate Professor -

Lee Eun Sil Professor Pediatrics

Lee Jae Min Professor Pediatric Hematology & Oncology

CHOI, KWANG HAE Professor Pediatrics

JANG KYUNGMI Associate Professor -
BAEK HEE SUN Assistant Professor -

Lee Dae Hyung Professor -
Koo Yu Jin Associate Professor OBGY

김효신 Assistant Professor -

Park, Mee Yeong Professor Neurology

Lee, Se Jin Professor Neurology

Lee,jun Professor Neurology

KWON DOO HYUK Assistant Professor -

- -
SAGONG MIN Professor -

Son, Jun-Hyuk Professor -

Sang-Bumm LEE Professor Ophthalmology

Cha, Soon Cheol Professor Ophthalmology

KIM WON JAE Associate Professor Ophthalmology

정성용 Assistant Professor -
정아름 Assistant Professor -

Chan-Ho Cho Assistant Professor Cornea and External Eye Disease

- -
Shin, Dong Hoon Professor Dermatology
Joon-Goon, Kim Assistant Professor Dermatology

Kim, Yong Dae Professor Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery

Song, Si Youn Professor Otorhinolaryngology

NA HYUNG GYUN Associate Professor -

Choi Yoon Seok Associate Professor Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Kim,jae woon Professor Diagnostic Radiology

Cho, Jae Ho Professor Diagnostic Radiology
Kim Suhong Assistant Professor Radiology

박종수 Assistant Professor -

Yea, Ji Woon Professor -

Park Jae Won Associate Professor Radiation oncology

PARK JAEHYEON Assistant Professor -

OH SE AN Assistant Professor Medical Physics

Jo Yoon Young Assistant Professor -

Kim, Sae Yeon Professor Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Park Sang Jin Professor -

LEE DEOK HEE Professor Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Jung, Sung Mee Professor Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Jee, Dae Lim Professor Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

KIM HYUCKGOO Associate Professor Anesthesia and Pain Medicine

Choi Eun Kyung Associate Professor Anesthesiology

BAEK JONG YOON Assistant Professor -
Lee, Chae Hoon Professor Laboratory Medicine

LEE JONG HO Associate Professor -

Zehwan KIM Assistant Professor Genetic Diagnosis
Jang Seong Ho Professor Rehabilitation Medicine


Kwak, Soyoung Associate Professor Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

LEE DONG GYU Associate Professor -

MINCHEOL JANG Associate Professor -

Do, Byung Soo Professor Emergency Medicine

SIN-YOUL PARK Professor -

Lee, Sam Beom Professor Emergency Medicine,Emergency Cardiology,Critical Care Medicine

Kim Jung Ho Associate Professor Emergency Medicine

신수정 Assistant Professor -

CHUNG HAN SOL Assistant Professor -
Lee,Keun Mi Professor Family Medicine

Jung, Seung Pil Professor Family Medicine

PARK EUN YOUNG Associate Professor -

KANG SO HEE Assistant Professor Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

권진주 Assistant Professor -
- -
Cho, Ihn Ho Professor Nuclear medicine

Chun Kyung Ah Professor Nuclear Medicine

KONG, EUN-JUNG Associate Professor -

KIM SUNGHOON Assistant Professor -